Your Business Deserves a Dedicated Bookkeeper to Ensure financial Clarity

Let us provide you with a clear picture of your numbers, while you focus on growing your business and generating more profits

Guiding You In The Right Direction

Let us steer you in the right direction

We have the tools for success

We will help you stay on course

Bug Light Bookkeeping wants their clients to focus on their business and to do that, their finances need to be in order. We specialize in managing the finances for small to medium size businesses. What sets us apart is that we provide communication around that financial picture.

We provide a service that shows the business owner their numbers in real time and the opportunity to talk about the future of their business by looking at the past and present. We will also develop a business plan that will ultimately generate more profits.

How Bookkeeping Helps Businesses

Catherine has helped me set up my Quickbooks account for my business and now manages my invoicing and payroll. Lots of stress off has been taken off my shoulders. Highly Recommend!
Kate Stallings
Web Designer
Cathy and I have worked together for several years and share many mutual clients. Cathy does outstanding work and is an asset to any organization that she works with. I have the opportunity to hear firsthand from her clients how pleased they are to have her on their team!
Emily Pina


Bug Light Bookkeeping is always on board.